Sunday, October 21, 2012

Villanelle don Imirceach

Dán uaim in Comhar na míosa seo darb ainm "Villanelle don Imirceach"

A poem by me in this month's Comhar, entitled "Villanelle don Imirceach" ("A Villanelle for the Emigrant")

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Review of Martin Weisser's Essential Programming for Linguistics (University of Edinburgh Press)

[a few lines from my review of this book. The full review is available through the link at the bottom of this posting]

Book Review

Essential Programming for Linguistics

Martin Weisser
Bayreuth University, Germany.

Edinburgh University Press (Edinburgh Advanced Textbooks in Linguistics, edited by Peter Ackema and Mitsuhiko Ota); x+174pp, Edinburgh, UK; hardbound ISBN 978 0 7486 3855 0, $115; paperbound, ISBN 78 0 7486 3856 7, $29.50.

Reviewed by
Brian Ó Broin
William Paterson University

This is a very disappointing book to come out of such a reputable publishing house. Weisser claims that the book is “mainly intended [...] for linguists without any prior programming experience” (1), but as just such a scholar, with nevertheless considerable experience in multiple operating systems and open-source software, this reviewer found the book almost useless as a Perl primer for linguists.
In truth, there is little in this book that is not already available in the much-friendlier Programming for Linguists by Michael Hammond (Blackwell, 2003), which remains the best Perl introduction for linguists.

*Note: I see that Martin Weisser has responded below. I still stand by everything I say in the review.*

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Friday, October 05, 2012

Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales Read Aloud

It occurs to me that I never actually sent out the new address for my recordings of Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales read aloud by me. Some files are better than others, depending on what machine I was using to record on at the time. Here is the new address. Thanks to William Paterson University (WPUNJ), and particularly the IT staff there, for permitting me to house the recordings on their Nova website.

Brian Ó Broin

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Toghcháin 2012 / 2012 Elections

Na Toghcháin Eile - Aiste ar na Toghcháin don Seanad agus do Theach na nIonadaithe atá ar siúl i mbliana. Tugann le fios go gcaithfidh páirtí an bhuaiteora ceann den dá theach seo a thógáil freisin chun greim a choinneáil ar smacht.
"The Other Elections" - An Essay on the Congressional and Senate elections also being held this year. Makes the point that a Presidential victory matters very little unless the winner's party also takes one of these two houses.

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