Monday, June 11, 2012

Keswick Toronto Gaeilge Deireadh Seachtaine

Mhúin mé an t-ardrang ag Gaeltacht Deireadh Seachtaine a eagraíodh i gKeswick, Ontario an tseachtain seo caite.

I taught the upper-level class at a Gaeltacht weekend in Keswick, Ontario organized by Toronto language activists.

A wonderful experience - daoine fíordheasa

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Monday, June 04, 2012

Situation of Irish (Gaelic) in North America

A presentation given by Professor Brian Ó Broin of William Paterson University, NJ at the University of Ottawa (OLBI) in October, 2011.

The presentation presents figures for the number of Irish speakers in North America, suggests why the numbers are so low for fluent speakers, and recommends that Irish language advocates do what advocates of Hebrew have been doing on North American university campuses: founding *Gaelic* societies (not Irish societies), which will then bring pressure to bear on the institutions to offer Irish (Gaelic) as a language for credit.

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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Methodology of Teaching Irish in the United States

My article this month in Beo concerns the teaching of Irish in the United States and how the Fulbright Commission is tackling the problems associated with it.

Colleen Dube of the Fulbright Commission in Ireland sent Ailín Ní Chonchúir of the Language Centre at NUIM out to New York University (Glucksman Ireland House) to give a weekend seminar to Irish language teachers on language teaching methodology.

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Modheolaíocht Múineadh na Gaeilge sna Stáit Aontaithe

Pléann m'alt in Beo na míosa seo múineadh na Gaeilge sna Stáit Aontaithe agus mar atá Coimisiún Fulbright ag iarraidh tabhairt faoi na fadhbanna a bhaineann leis.

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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Fishing for an English Sign Irish Times 2nd June 2012

A chara, – Well done to Alex Findlater (May 31st) for turning a story about a trout about into one about the Irish language.
And pity the poor tourists in north Galway, driving around looking for a place called Clonbur when all the local signs say “An Fhairche”. Why in heaven’s name would we expect visitors to Ireland to know that there is another language spoken in Ireland? I mean, it’s only our national culture.
A solution springs to mind: if it’s a Gaeltacht area, you’d think the village, the Gaeltacht authorities, the county council, the Department of the Gaeltacht, the Ordnance Survey, and whoever else has a stake, would write to the mapmakers of the world asking them to use the official name of the town when mapping the area. The Indians did it with Mumbai and the Chinese with Beijing. Then the headlines of the world would read “Huge trout caught in An Fhairche”. That would solve Mr Findlater’s problem in a jiffy, wouldn’t it? This would be made even easier if Irish newspapers (The Irish Times included) chose to use Irish placenames when reporting on Gaeltacht stories. – Is mise,
New Jersey, US.

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