Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Professor Ó Broin wins First Prize in Literary Competition for Novel

Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomfield Author Wins Major Irish Literary Award

Bloomfield resident Brian Ó Broin has been awarded first prize in an Irish national literary competition for his novel The Island of Secrets.
Dr. Ó Broin, who lives in Bloomfield with his wife Jo Schuster and daughters Ána and Fiona, is Associate Professor of Linguistics and Medieval Literature at William Paterson University. The prize was awarded in Dublin on the 28th of October.

His prize-winning adventure novel An Eachtra ar Oileán na Rún (The Island of Secrets) is directed at teenage readers, and is set in a mysterious house on the north side of Dublin and at an archaeological dig on an island monastery in Ireland's midland lake district. The protagonists are New York-based teenagers on vacation in Ireland.

The competition, known as An t-Oireachtas ("The Gathering") has been held annually since 1897. Professor Ó Broin previously won a prize at the same competition in 2002 for his full-length play Na hEorpaigh ("The Europeans") set during a civil war in Ireland.

More about the Oireachtas here: www.antoireachtas.ie

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