Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WPUNJ Sigma Tau Delta in Portland

Our chapter president Jacqueline De Santo chairing a session at the Sigma Tau Delta annual convention in Portland, OR.
Congratulations, Jackie!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Irish-Language Quangos and Peter McGuire

Regarding Peter McGuire's comment ("So Many Quangos, So Little Irish", 19th March, 2013) that major International companies are hiring staff from Continental countries rather than from Ireland "due to the lack of qualified European-language graduates from within Ireland", I'd like to remind him that Irish is actually a modern European language. Furthermore, almost exactly as many students take Continental languages in the Leaving Cert as take Irish.

On top of that, Ireland hits well above its weight when it comes to employment in technology and international business (for which English is the unquestioned lingua franca anyway). If Google is employing Germans ahead of Irish people, it's only in cases where they need native German speakers. Nothing in our education system will change that.

Regarding Quangos (a much-abused word) I'm amused to see McGuire characterize Comhluadar, the wonderful and hard-working Irish-language parenting organization, as "significant and powerful". They employ three people and operate out of a single third-floor office in Harcourt Street.

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Monday, March 04, 2013

Gorm i Meiriceá / Black in America

Pléann m'alt in Beo na míosa seo stair an Chine Ghoirm i Meiriceá agus na fadhbanna soisialta a bhaineann le cine sa lá atá inniu ann.

My article in this month's Beo deals with the history of African-Americans in the United States and the ongoing problems with race and racism in that country.

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Sigma Tau Delta outreach to Manchester Regional High School, Haledon NJ

In the fall semester of 2012, Sigma Tau Delta members Jacqueline de Santo and Lori Hoffman gave a presentation to students at Manchester Regional High School, Haledon, NJ on how to write a successful college-entrance essay. Faculty advisor Brian Ó Broin was also present, as well as teachers from the school district.

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WPUNJ Sigma Tau Delta read William Carlos Williams at Paterson Free Public Library

To mark the 50th anniversary of his death, the WPUNJ chapter of Sigma Tau Delta (the International English Honors Society), and several members of the library staff read from William Carlos Williams' "Paterson" at Paterson Free Public Library.
Monday 4th March, 2013

Sigma Tau Delta: Brian Ó Broin (faculty advisor); Jacqueline DeSanto (chapter president).

Paterson Public Library: Cynthia Czesak, Andrew Luck, Michelle Petrasek, Chelsea Woods.

Thanks to the librarian and language arts teachers of Eastside High School, and their enthusiastic students.

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